Monday, May 29, 2006

Kommando's Project in full swing

Check out some great weekend pictures of the Kommando Project.

Storming L.A.

The Crackpot Press Corps tackled Erhwan's Health Food Store; Then "The Grove." the Farmer's Market, the Whisper Lounge, a Starbucks and a Mobil Station, the mailboxes at my apartment complex on Saturday. But alas there was no camera...

Today, there are some more to be added... with pictures... it's a little "Where's Waldo?" but the Crackpot Press Corp is on duty! Not pictured was a deployment of a radio commander in the Toby Keith Section of Ameoba Records.

One infantry man had a terrible assignment... the rocks are out a fouintain just around the corner from this movie theater. Sgt. Camo is hiding in the red circle

This next bit is me being Ironic.

And the first rule of war? Take the Media Centers!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos Crackpot. Glad to have you on board for this.