Friday, May 05, 2006

Welcome to Tempe

This weekend makes the seconmd stop of the AVP tour, the Tempe Open. Now, obviously Seeds 1 and 2 (Kerri Walsh/ Misti May and Rachel Wacholder and Elaine Youngs) are expected to do well.

But with any good tournament there are two teams that could really do some damage. Watch the #3 and the #6.

Annett Davis and
Jenny Johnson Jordan


Semirames Marins Tatiana Minello

Marins and Minello don't play every tournament as they come outta Brazil and always manager to wax up the works. The other two, Davis and Jordan (daughter of Olympic Gold Medalist Rafer Johnson) have always had their eyes on knocking off May and Walsh and they can definitely pull it off. They were both pregnant and out last season. But now they are back.

This does not bode for either the Gold Medalists or RW/EY. May/Walsh have been strong against them in the past, but unlike 2004 they are now beatable and I think they are the ones to get the big chore done.

Check it out on Fox Sports Net over the weekend (or next weekend depending on which state you're in)

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