Friday, May 26, 2006

HYollywood Spreads Major MisInformation on Diabetes

So tonight I am preparing the Crackpot Press Corp,

I figure I will rent a flick to pass the time while I work on my Army Men. It's been a rough week at work, so I need something without preaching, something brain dead, something not too stimulating.

I like Jennifer Aninston, I want her to be much better than she really is. I think she is fun.

So I get DERAILED, which so far (I've only watched about a half hour) is a a thriller about a guy who has it all except his daughter is diabetic and it's tearing his family apart. They buy a machine to watch her condition. He faxes a bood glucose report to the doctors.

As a type-1 diabetic, I know much more about the subject matter than the average screenwriter. These guys are over-hyping idiots. I have girlfriend and a mother, who don't quite "get" the disease. While it's scary for them, it's NOTHING like what is depicted in this flick.

It's one-a those things you will never get till you have it.

And yet, the fat bastards at Miramax (who will know diabetes sooner or later) put out all this fake crap about diabetes.

#1 Clive Owen (who?) faxes a Blood Glucose Report to the doctor's. I freeze framed the report , numbers are low. Regularly in the 70's. We are shooting for a hundred here. Even the stupidest doctor would be able to see she is over-medicated. Reduce her morning shot by five to units, depending on daily activity, should do the trick.

#2 Clive Owens talks about her having Type-1 Diabetes: THE WORST KIND. There are only two kinds of diabetes. Not 300 . Don't get uber dramatic.

#3 Clive Owens mentions three kidney transplants. "Her body rejected them all" While the kidneys can eventually be damaged, The failure of the PANCREAS is what causes diabtetes.

#4 There is a scene where the daughter goes into a seizure, which can happen if your blood sugar gets too low. So they give her a shot of what looks like insulin. WRONG! That would kill a diabetic. What she needs is a coke. CPG has noticed me shaking in the middle of the night and has brought me juice. That works. She isn't a someone who has lived with it for a long time. She is just sensible.

This is a movie about fright. About scaring folks. While diabetes is no picnic, it can be managed. Not since Birth Of Nation, has one flick produced so much misinformation.

Will these people just shut up and do what they get paid to do?

Which would be "getting nekkid"

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Tina said...

Crackpot, you crack me up: "Not since Birth Of Nation, has one flick produced so much misinformation."... C'mon, those old school racists were just trying to let people know how we got to protect our precious white women. Lord knows that Greta van Susteren, Nancy Grace, and Rita "Voice like a Peterbilt" Cosby can't be expected to pick up that old school torch in 2006 and do it all.