Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Encyclopedia Brown Knows the Answer!

Can you solve the case?

So a bunch of jagovs at the Discovery Channel all got together.. and realized they still couldn't get a date. So they decided to pick on someone else... someone who couldn't beat them up.. like King Tut.

Well it is bad enough that this guys carcass has been hauled around the world a couple of times like he was all Reagan or something...

But they actually needed an CT machine to find his 3300 year old wazamazoo.

Apparantly, King Tut was MORE funky than his monkey.

And I feel like the most hung guy on the planet.

Way to go Discovery Channel !!


Neil Shakespeare said...

LOL! Yeah, that's where mine is too. Sometimes, of a morning, it gets too heavy so I just set it down beside me in the sand.

Tina said...

Maybe Tut's wazamazoo just needs a bit of moisturizer. Ya know, the perfect lotion can make any skin supple and firm.... :)