Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Screw you, LA Times

The L.A. Times has put out a very cynical article today attacking... CHARLIE BROWN??? The HuffPost championed it as well.

Apparently, they find it very ironic that the "anti-commercialism" themed Charlie Brown Xmas Special is a booming $1.2 Billion industry.

While neither of them actually say this is a "bad thing" it seems that they are trying to point out some kind of wrong doing.

I find it ironic that this is coming from the same paper that just laid off 70 folks, just in time for the holidays. In addition, they axed their "Outdoor" Section laying off another 10 TODAY, the same night the Charlie Brown Xmas Special airs.

Look you self-important hippies, it's called "demand" merchandising. Charles Schultz made a good product, a classic that generations to come will appreciate and find something in that touches them. This kind of work SHOULD be rewarded. A little marketing history lesson...

Do you know who are considered the grandfathers of "demand" merchandising?

THE UTOPIA LOVING, KINGS OF THE COUNTER CULTURE, GREATFUL DEAD!!!!! Their work created a market and, oh yes, "Virginia/Rainbow"... they milked it for every nickel.

People who do honest, quality work should be rewarded in the millions, regardless if you are a teacher at one of the online colleges , an auto insurance agent or a blogger just trying to pick up a couple of extra bucks for the holidays.

So perhaps the L.A. Times should start trying to figure how to turn a profit, rather than bitch about those of us who do.


Tina said...

Attacking Charlie Brown? Fucking fascists.... Hubby, Kiddo and I just watched it on DVD over Thanksgiving's long weekend, and the part w/ the sad lil weak and nearly naked tree that almost topples over from the weight of the single ornament always makes me teary eyed. What's next LA Times? Gonna attack Rudolph by claiming he's glorifying vanity by wearing that fake black nose?... A-holes...

Crackpot Press said...

I know it's enough to make you wanna go all "Lucy" on them.

I'll show you where a football goes!