Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ford Has No Balls.

It turns out that Ford has not only pulled all their ads from Gay Magazines.

They have also stop supporting all Gay Events.

Why have they done this?

They strapped on the kneepads then bent over to take one hard and sloppy from the American Family Association, yet another right wing Hate Organization for god (H.O.G.) in the Good Ole Heartland.

What a bunch of girly men.

Oh and then they laid off 30,000 folks for Xmas. Perhaps some extra advertising would help out.

Maybe trying to sell to larger market base might work.

Or perhaps they should realize that Gay men and Women usually make more money than their straight counterparts.

I wish a Festiva on each of them.


Tina said...

A plague of Festivas on their houses!

And ain't it the truth about gay men and lesbians rolling in the dough? My 2 gay male friends have more money than God and their homes/ apartments put the FAB in FABULOUS! They are consumer Gods, and they do give GREAT gifts at Christmas and birthdays... but now I guess that spiffy lil Mustang they planned on getting for my baby girl when she turns Sweet 16 in 13 yrs is off the table, eh? Damn you Ford! Damn you to hetero Hell!

crackhitler said...

dude (or dudette). ford has big balls. big balls to stnad up to the gayifying of our culture. no one blinked if someone doesn't want to put army recruiters on campus, did they? ford has a long history of being malevolent towards certain groups. it was henry ford himself who put out the book "eternal jew". just because someone does something does not mean they are caving to the right. it may mean they support the right. now how do you feel?

crackhitler said...

Oh, that is a blatant stereotype about gays making more money. It's tolerable if you would allow the use of stereotypes across the board, but this blog is so slanted to the left it's as bad as fox news in the other direction.

Crackpot Press said...

Actually San Francisco just voted to have no recruiters at High Schools.

Oh and there are plenty of straight people who make more money than me.

They just talk to me that much.

Tina said...

Hey Crackpot... isn't it amazing that someone can use their mother's 2 most favorite things in life, and then turn it into their online moniker?
Who knew?
I guess mine would be ShoppingspreeCake.

Maybe his 2nd choice moniker could be HillbillyGangbangs.
or maybe
or maybe even
... the possibilities are endless.

Crackpot Press said...

Heeeeeeyyyyyy... watchausayinboutmymama?

I know my Mom has never used crack or pot...

Tina said...

Holy crap Crackpot! Speaking of parents... please check out my post here:

My old man has now jumped into the fray and he is PISSED! He just called me and told me to check out my blog. Jeeze... I don't want my pops having a stroke over some freako God Squader attacking me. YIKES!