Monday, December 05, 2005

Dec, 6, 1968

Today is my birthday. I share it with both Dave Brubeck and Ira Gershwin (and ahem, Strom Thurmond). NO ONE shares this exact birthdate with me.

There is this radio show I listen to every year 10@10 on (it starts at 10:00 am PST) . At the beginning the announcer gives a shout out to listener birthdays. For the last couple of years, I have been telling them when my birthday is and sure enough every year they say my name and I am it.

Just Dave sitting in the KFOG balcony all by himself. (Update: WOW! There were Five this year!!)

Growing up all the kids in my neighborhood were all born in the same week Dec 3,4,5,6. It was a real money saver for the folks cause they would all pitch in an throw one party. After all, how many kids birthday parties can you get through in a week?

Two close friends of mine have been born December 10. 35 years later December 10 would represent something something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

However on that particular Dec 6 of 1968, not a whole lot happened. Every year I look up to see what happened on my Birthday, what was going on in the world, the closest thing that I have found is that there was a mini-race riot on the college campus I would eventually attend. Go Gaters! (Yes with an "E") I went to San Francisco State... Our mascot was a bridge.

Try doing cartwheels on the 50 yard line in that outfit. For the record, I never attempted that.

So I ran the date through a google Image search.. here is some stuff I found.

These immortal words were spoken on this day.

There were fantastic advances in technology.
There was a UFO Sighting in Peru!

This guy had a worse day than I did.

It seemed like just another day around the world.

Some guy missed the bus to go to work, some guy went to an Employment Agency to fill out an application, some one got dumped, someone lost their virginity, someone died, someone went to see Canned Heat, someone got a promotion, someone watched T.V. and tore the tin foil off of a Swanson's.

and someone gave birth.

Just another day.

Yet without this day, I feel a whole lotta things would be out of skew


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Tina said...

Happy Birthday Dave! I hope you imbibe some lovely elixir to celebrate the joyous occasion.

But I have to say that this day has ominous "yet another US war = debacle" overtones for my family. My pops was seriously injured by/shrapnel in Vietnam on this day (well... it was the day that my mom was notified by the Marines that he was injured and could die). My mom lights a novena like clockwork every year on this day to thank God for letting my dad come home to her and my big sister, who was born in 1964. My dad is okay (they had to give him a new knee and he has a lifelong back problem b/c of the way he landed after being thrown into the air) but ya know what?... we're lucky. He came home intact and was able to take care of my mom, my big sister and then went on to have me and my lil sister in the 70's. Not trying to pee on your birthday parade... but 1968 had some serious bad juju for many, too.