Thursday, December 29, 2005


Not so many folks know about this, but this Sunday is the Bush Bowl.

Yes, it involves Texans, but not "those" Texans.

The Houston Texans is what I am talking 'bout. Now with the exception of the woman that I sleep with, I have not had many nice things to say about Texans.

This weekend the Houston Texans and my beloved San Francisco 49ers go at it. Whoever loses this games will get the the top draft choice next year.... USC's Reggie Bush. Also, coincidentally the USC Trojan's will be kicking the Texan Longhorn's ass at the Rose Bowl on Thursday. The Texas/ California rivalry is for just about everything. The Dallas Cowboys to Enron... Nothing good is in Texas (except for family of above-mentioned woman) . We are the biggest states in the Union, though California could (and in my opinion SHOULD) secede from the United States to form the 8th largest economy in the nation. They have Beef and oil, we have Microchips, movies, produce and the AVP. In the Urban Areas of CA, riots break out if a Bush should decide to be man enough to show his chimpmug.

Regardless of Texas's many attempts to kill our economy, we bounce back. Now if only the Governor would stop chickenshitting around and actually get our money back, things will be great.

Now considering ethics are the only thing NOT big in Texas... (Lay, Delay, Bush, Big Oil, Haliburton, etc) it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see those folks throw the game in order to acquire a Californian of their choice. Don't hear a rumbling about folks getting excited about the Texas teams draft prospects. So keep an eye on those sneaky bastards, you can't trust 'em

I'm so not getting laid tonight.



Crackpot's Girlfriend said...

1) Have you evr been to Texas? I've never watched AVP, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

2) There are lots of good things from Texas. Matthew McConaughey comes to mind. Also the Wilson brothers, Tommy Tune, BBQ...the list goes on.

3) to all the (George) Bush bashers out there, let's keep in mind that he's not from Texas. We don't claim him. Obviously, neither does Connecticut. (Don't you have family there, Crackpot?)

4) Regarding the thought that they might "throw the game," all's fair in love and war. Remember that.

Looking forward to watching the game with you,


Neil Shakespeare said...

Any "LOSE FOR BUSH" bumper stickers around there?

Crackpot Press said...

In San Fran we already lost....

Crackpot Press said...
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