Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why "W" will leave as Great a legacy as Reagan.

During the lovefest that was the Reagan Funeral, there were tons of accolades for old turkey necks major achievements.

Except one. This one Reagan legacy is something that effects millions around the globe and costs billions every year. Reagan chose to shove his nose in the Bible when AIDS first came on the scene.

Now George Bush has a chance to be a great as Reagan.

It seems as if 1 in 4 AMERICAN teen women have an STD.

They've both shown an overwhelming arrogance over their ignorance in how the body works. Bush, with his abstinence only program, continues to neglect an ongoing trend with the youth of today.

The youth of today (as they always have been) ARE HORNY! and real education is necessary.

I mean the "keep your knees together" philosophy works great... until you realize you keep them together over your head.. and graduate with honors from Chico state.

And, yes, this will be an expensive and deadly leagacy of ignorance.

Is it so hard for Bush to simply make one good desicion? Does King George understand WHY he making all these trips to Africa?


Reagan blew his time to act. Will Bush man up in time?


Kvatch said...

Damn! That's an interesting parallel. Though, when I read the title, I was sure you were going to talk about the national debt. (Bush has outclassed Reagan there, hands down!)

Bush will simply ignore the issue where Reagan purposefully choose to do nothing.

Crackpot Press said...

And next up the economy! Since Bush has said over and over "I am no economist" WOW! people are finally beliveing him