Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cheney to Bring on Da Smoove.

Well, it looks like Ducky Boy is sending in the adults.

With oil hitting $110 a barrell, Bush is sending Cheney to try an talk turkey with the Saudis.

Considering the Bush families long personal relationship with Saudis, why in the hell are they sending in possibly the worst person ever to negotiate? Is it his no-nonsense approach to direct lying that makes him the candidate. Or could it just be that the Saudi's are sucker for a mean old man with an Old Spice glow. For how long has the Bushco mentioned... "There is nothing we can do about gas prices!!" That is until it becomes a little too obvious that his legacy will be padding his friends wallets at the expense of the American People. Oops.. someone may get suspicous.

Isn't this something Bush should be dealing with on his own?

And the next question is.. "With Cheney's long history of selective facts and bold faced lies..why should we believe a word he says when he returns?"

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