Thursday, March 20, 2008

I might be getting involved with a cult.

I got an friend invitation on my MySpace Page

It was from Wave: 11:11. When I joined I became the 6666th friend.. odd eh?

Well they didn't seem so bad... they have this groovy little hypno-icon... I was all cynical and shit... WHEN!

There was this new woman at my work. I thought she was kind of an ass kiss and WAY to self-important for a temp. As the only man in the department  there was suddenly this sistah- hood forming that I was not allowed to partake in. They would  go out fro wraps together while I sat alone in my cubicle with my tuna fish (the loneliest of meats) sandwich. I know they wold discuss and my apple round ass while splurging on a McFlurry.

This woman rubbed me wrong and would go through my stuff hunting for prizes and stuff. 

I do not like her. She is my Anti-Dave.

So she has a heart attack at the office, my boss took her to the hospital and I haven't seen her since.

I should feel terrible for her... but honestly I do not feel a thing. No remorse, no guilt, no pleasure... nothing.

Do I have a soul? Even the biggest scumwad would've yelped out a "Yippee!"

but nothing. I feel nothing. 

So these Wave people approach my for my friendship. they are all about love day on May 8th-ish-- who am I to say no? They have these ten intentions (which is three intentions less than most self-help programs... yes, I'm still listening) one of which is "synergy" which is lacking in most self-help programs and much more profitable. They also have a member named TARA , her wallpaper is waterfalls. 

I try to think of waterfalls when I can't sleep at night... they soothe me. Tara has a large tatoo on her shoulder which reminds me of a woman who once lost her soulless way and is now found.


You took notes on this, right?

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