Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mcain: It's YOUR Fault (but I helped)

Now according to Raw Story... MCain has blamed the housing fallout on people who overextended themselves. They didn't read the fine print.

Fair enough. I don't feel the need to bailout others for their own irresponsibility and sense of entitlement. This coming from a guy who at seventeen ended up getting his first notch in a bad credit report over $300 due to the Columbia Record and Tape Club. Then I did it again at 19.

However. (as was pointed out in in the FEBRUARY 2007 film MAXED OUT) once Enron went kaput... George Bush's #1 contributor was MBNA. Bush then let them run all hilly nilly unregulated. The Republican party rejected any kind of laws, for example lending money to the mentally disabled . As Bush has often said "I'm no Economist."

I truly believe that most Americans have forgotten about W. Compared to last year, most political blogs do very little coverage of him at all. Everyone seems very anxious to move on. Who can blame them? But we have to remember the lessons of George Bush.

Let's see how McCain looks on contributions from lenders! For the link weary here is the top 10.

1 Citigroup Inc (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions) $145,050
2 Blank Rome LLP – (attorneys) $141,400
3 Greenberg Traurig – (1750 lawyers) $129,987
4 Merrill Lynch (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions) $119,675
5 Goldman Sachs (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions)
6 IDT Corp – (telecommunications) $80,150
7 Pinnacle West Capital $77,850
8 Bank of New York Mellon (Subprime Scandal) $74,000
9 JP Morgan Chase & Co (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset
questions) $72,100
10 Irvine Co Apartment Community $68,400

Almost all are lenders and these are the folks he will protect. So if you are indeed looking for some change... McCain is not your boy. He will continue to protect his top ten.

Are you in the top 10?

Then good for you.

Fucko. We need leadership that is smart... or at least concerned for your average day sucker.


Kvatch said...

McCain's a f*ckwit! I hear that more bailouts are coming for the followers of Bear Stearns.

Individuals make bad decisions and get screwed. Corporations make bad decisions, and get...well...handouts.

Crackpot Press said...

Exactly... and invent ways to get folks to make bad decisions!