Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where do we go NOWOWOWOW.

I know the boomer's, as usual, have been grabbin the headlines.

Paul McCartney.. Goldie Hawn on the cover of the AARP mag.

Discussing the death of Bruno Kirby...Giles Weaver and I got into a conversation about the movie "When Harry Met Sally" ("You made a woman MEOW??"...brilliant )

I told Giles that I caught the flick on cable recently and it didn't mean as much to me, now that we are older than the characters involved. He didn't buy it. "THOSE ARE OLD PEOPLE"

The "Harry Met Sally" people are older than us.

As a nineteen year old kid, getting high off of Diane.. it meant something. These old people and their problems. In retrospect... We would be blessed to have their problems. We would also be blessed to have the "problems" of the characters in "THE BIG CHILL" who we are now also older than. Your worst problem is that you had an affair and your estranged friend killed himself... bummer...

These characters seemed like a bunch of yuppies that had a bad divorce or breakup.... BUMMER!

The folks I know..... these "Harry and Sally" people have have as much impact on my life as the 90210 kids.

People I don't know. People who have never lost a job. People who have never lost a friend prematurely.. It's the life we wished we had.

Fucking Boomers...

Boomers.. it' s time for your last chance hangover mass...

What are you gonna do? What is your legacy?

Oh and by the way... the average age of the college fresman... was born the year this song came out....

Gen X... time to make your mark.

Work on that.

I know you have responsibilities....

But what are you up for?

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