Thursday, August 03, 2006

Are you in it?

So... here's the deal...

I posted a certain video of self importance recently (see below). And I got some flack.

They didn't post their comments; they emailed me at

Hurtful emails.... "I shouldn't take N.O. so lightly"... "Im a bitch" yada yada

Officially, This is the only cause I am for...


This and stem cell research.


Tina said...

And let's face it... The Ramones have done more for Cabbies on Crack than anyone else... and many of those cabbies on crack probably lived in NOLA... I know... I lived there.

....He braked for the light
At 90 miles an hour, that's why I saw my life - oh, oh

Cabbies on crack
I want to get out, out of this yellow shell
I want to get out, crack cabbies straight from hell...

Crackpot Press said...

I think we add...

"I'm Tina.. and I'M IN IT!"