Saturday, August 19, 2006

Those Wacky Snakes.

I won't spoil this flick at all. However, I was surprised at the smaller (yet extremely enthusiastic) crowd at the Mann's Bruin in the heart of Westwood last night.

The entrie crowd chanted along, making hissing sounds (even through the trailers) and the entire crowd chanting along with the no famous line. As a note my girlfriend refused to watch any clips of the movie prior to seeing it. Especially the now famous line.


"It would be like seeing the bride before the wedding."

However, I really think Kirk Honeycutt's review from The Hollywood Reporter really sums it up:

This represents a kind of entertainment genius along the lines of fun houses, roller coasters and tricks those Thai hookers perform with razor blades and soda bottles in Bangkok sex shows.

Well, done Kirk! Now THAT’S a flick I want to check out!

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