Thursday, August 03, 2006


Your crippled crackpot consierge (shit, I hate alliteration it like when a guy makes a you tube video on new superheroes... so easy)

Gives the mic to Giles Weaver.


Lee Salem is the President of Universal Press Syndicate. They distribute Ann Coulter’s hateful columns. Mr. Salem wants to preserve his profit margin so badly that he even penned a defense of Coulter in response to a critical article of her at Editor & Publisher (which can be read here: So, who is the more disgusting human being: Lee Salem, the man in charge of pimping out her hateful and absurd rhetoric, or the pathetic mean-spirited Ann Coulter herself? I say that both of them are equally responsible for lowering the discourse in this country to venomous and inaccurate attacks on anything and everything. Coulter is the embodiment of the shallow, embarrassing, and futile direction the conservative movement has taken this country, and men like Lee Salem, and their never ending quest to make a buck, enable this treacherous moron to continue to hold up intolerance and idiocy as a virtue. It is impossible to counter people like this with silly things like facts, historical perspective, and common human decency. I wonder if Lee Salem would be defending Coulter if he were the target of her calls for execution? My answer is NO, because in the end, Mr. Salem is the worst kind of coward. Why don’t you ask him?

Lee Salem:

And remember – be as nasty, crude, mean, and brainless as you can. I’m sure he won’t care because that’s how this jackass makes his money. Ask him if he has any 14 year-old daughters that our Marines can “get to know?” Tell him you know where he lives (since the right wing bloggers are posting NY Times writers addresses on the internet and he is their defender I think that’s called ‘”parity”). Ask him if he believes the editors of The Wall Street Journal should be executed as well? Ask him why the government hasn’t filed charges if they’ve done anything illegal, and if they haven’t, why does he let Coulter call for the death of fellow American citizens? Tell him nobody in his family is safe. Let’s see how fast he changes his mind when I crank out one article every single day calling for his immediate and swift death by firing squad.

If anyone out there has any respect for the “mainstream media” anymore, then you don’t even deserve to live here. Ann Coulter and Lee Salem certainly don’t.

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