Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I got your Creepy Right here.

So Fox News.com has gone with this as headline news:

It's a video of some little hippie kids from Venice, Ca.. signing and signing a Pro-Obama song.

Now granted, the video does come off a little.. Cable Access, a little too touchy feely.. a little too retarded.

Let's take a look at what some of the Fox Viewer comments were...

Ron Adair:

Really, really creepy. In all my years of voting for president, I have never known anyone like Obama. Why he doesn’t scare the hell out of American voters with his messianic complex, cult worship mentality of the unwashed masses, is amazing to me.

Eric l.

How chilling. It remins me of the old newsreels and films of the “Hitler Youth”.

Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. This is freightening when you consider how poor a grasp on history O’bama has shown.

This is a very dangerous time in the history of the USA. Think hard before you vote for this Liberal Facist.

CREEPY!!! What’s next, are they all gonna join the OBAMA HEAVEN’S GATE cult & commit mass suicide if he doesn’t win? Kind of wish that music teacher would!

Rich From Ohio
WWWWWOOOOOOWWWW,Ididnt think i would see another HITLER in my lifetime,the only difference is this one has a different skin color.

clearly disturbing….using children who don’t have the ability to reason the facts or their future, these adults, organization, obama and all concerned have gone too far…. but as so far the media has allowed this mania, it’s no wonder. Americans… wake up! History has taught us to BEWARE of this craziness!!! wake up!

Tough room for these kids. Jees Louise.

But of course, I have some videos of my own to share!


HelenWheels said...

Brilliant response to those idiots who don't realize the shrub is the fascist. Holy shit, the number of retards in this country is astounding.

Dave said...

Republicans with Special Needs!

Kvatch said...

Two words... Jesus Camp.

HelenWheels said...

Exactly, Kvatch. WTF! Talk about desperate. More guilty by association like the Ayers thing. Total bullshit.

Crackpot Press said...

Well at least the O is finally talking about the Keating Five!

Those Jesus Campers are scary...

Like tough thing hem of his cardboard garment...


HelenWheels said...

You should add that new pro-Prop8 one of the 2 kids singing... it's uber-creepy as well. I think Glenn Greenwald posted it on his Salon Blog the other day.