Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How to Get Vet Health Benefits.

Over the years there have been a series of blogs here and on the main site on obtaining health benefits.  Now let's say you work for a start up.When you first got in they told you it was well fiananced. The work was enjoyable and gave you sense of purpose lacking from your previous career. Your bosses realize the tough road ahead that faces any start up, but everyone is so dang excited and optomistic. You are pulled into a meeting where it is stated that Morgan Stanley is all a buzz, the folks in the know are eyeballing you company  A few years down the line, the company is tight on cash flow but strongly believes  the goal is "just" out of reach. So they change health care policies. You're a pretty healthy person and enjoy the work (albeit your moral if lower) and health insurance has always been a "nice to have it there" kind of expense.

Then while writing the new copy for the new router, a bomb tears into your arm. They patch you up, slap you on the back and send you back to your keyboard. A little while later, while explaining the difference between unique visitors and page impressions to client, a second bomb goes off in your face.  

You are sent home and start collecting disability. However, the health insurance company needs proof that these things actually happened at work.  You can't sleep at night because of the trauma. The health insurance company tells you that it is because you drink too much caffiene.

You sue your health insurance company.

His post war trauma was diagnosed as "too much Red Bull." So, he sued.

This is a direct result of the previous Republican congress cutting as many health benefits  
as they could. 

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