Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So The Question Was...

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The posed the following question:

What is the most egregious entry/oversight from AFI’s top genre film list?

The former San Francisco film student and bong team captain came out. Enjoy!

Dave: There are plenty of snubs.

Top Animation: “The Wall,” “Heavy Metal” and/or “American Pop”…the AFI continues to suck some serious Disney Cock. Also “Yellow Submarine” beats out most of these.

Top Western: “The Magnificent 7” and any early Clint Eastwood tops “Unforgiven.” Any western with the abbreviation “Mrs.” in the title should be immediately disqualified.

Top Romantic Comedy: “Sleepless in Seattle”… enough with the Nora Ephron girlie claptrap! “Lost in Translation” and “Heaven Can Wait” are my kind of romantic comedies.

Top Sports: As usual, the AFI continues to ignore the Walter Matthau version of the “Bad News Bears.” I blame Tatum O’Neal. “Caddyshack” is in sports? C’mon.
Top Fantasy: Again, “Field of Dreams” is a piece of crap and belongs on no list that includes the word “Best.” Their definition of fantasy seems to be “alternate universes”, so I think “Dr. Strangelove” would have been a great substitution. I do respect the “Groundhog Day” inclusion.

Top Sci-Fi—One word “VIDEODROME.”

Top Epic: “Titanic” isn’t an epic, it’s just long. “Dr. Zhivago” or “Ghandi” should have made the list. Has anyone seen “Titanic” on TV lately, the blue screen doesn’t hold up. David Lean didn’t need no special effects. Let's kill some fuckin' horses! Saw “Reds” again recently-- brilliant.

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