Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sterotypes Attempt to Buy My Company.

I work at a mini-studio that makes movies.

Walking out into the lobby, I spy three Japanese men in their 50's wearing well-tailored suits.
All of them are perfectly coiffed and maincured. Each of them has a determined inner confidence about them. Each has an "evil" appearance equal to that of George Takei on Heroes.
Immediately I freak...

Are we being bought?

Have the Japanese foreign markets come into my lobby to buy out the joint, montblancs a-blazing? Movie producers never really retire.. they just move on... usually without me.

I work myself into a bit of a frenzy, smelling impending doom... I just got this frickin' job!
What I am gonna do? If they buy the joint and can everyone... what will happen to my health benefits. My girlfriend wants a ring.. will that be post-poned (again!) for God knows how long? My car needs a couple of hundred dollars of work.. where the hell is that going to come from?

These former Japanese Banzai soldiers (despite they are way to young to have been in WW2) are coming for revenge!

Then I learn we are doing some kind of action flick and the bad guy is some Japanese Business "The Man" type.

So I got frightened by some unemployed actors in most likely borrowed suits.

Lesson learned about sterotypes, I retire to my cubicle and attempt to juggle my bills.

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