Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miami Opening Day!

Last weekend's Miami AVP Open offered few surprises. EY and Nicole actually took one from the reigning champs Team Terror, Misty May and Kerri Walsh. 

Rachel and Tyra Got knocked out in the semi-finals as did Team Crackpot (formerly known as Team Spoiler) Jen Boss and April Ross. Sure enough this is the first tourney and my master predictions of a Boss/Ross Olympic bid will come to fruition.  They took Angie Akers and Holly McPeak to advance to the semi-finals. Earlier on they also swiped one from May/Walsh.  

Huh? 1,2,3,4 just like they were ranked.  The lower rankings there were a couple of shakeups, this is where the sport is at its most fun.  Leilani Kamahoahoa (from Seattle?) and Catie Mintz managed to overcome a 22nd seeding to land in 13th. The always over media-hyped 13 seed Team Gorgeous ended up in 17th after they fell victim to the Under-hyped Whitney Pavlik / Jennifer Snyder. Initially seeded at 19 this somewhat unknown duo is the real Cinderella of the tour.  Pavlik is relatively new to the tour and this an awesome start for her. Perhaps TG need to spend a little less time adjusting the makeup in rear view and actually who is in that mirror. Don't spend that $800 prize money in one mall, ladies. 

Perhaps I am just bitter because their team nickname is everything that the sport is not supposed to be. It really brings out the bim stereotype of the sport.

Lame . Lame. Lame.

They could use a lesson or two from Team Lindquist, the hardest working short girls in the league.  Team Lindquist ended in a deserved 9 seed, despite the fact that both of them are about half a foot shorter than Kerri Walsh. The two are the mad scrap dogs of the beach and it usually pays off for them. 

But the dig is in and I guarantee there will be more Shakeups in Dallas this weekend. 

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