Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thoughts on Peter Boyle

About ten- twelve years ago, Jerry Garcia (or maybe his estate) decided to make a line of Grateful Dead Boxer Shorts and Ties. Giles Weaver and I went to the premiere party (or whatever the hell they call it when you start selling undies and neckwear) in this hanger in the Santa Monica Airport.

Great goodie bags. The "Sugar Magnolia" silk boxers didn't hold up to my manliness, but I still have my "Ramblin" tie.

Just about every Los Angeles power hippie was in attendance. Hopper, Nicholson, Alred, Fonda, Beatty. The atmosphere was both festive and (ahem) fragrant.

However, amongst all these power players was Peter Boyle at cocktailing at the bar.

I remember Giles and I surveying the scene and then both seeing him and in unison saying "Holy Shit... Peter Fuckin Boyle is here"

We were both a bit too stoned to actually go up and talk to him and so we just stood near him and went back and forth on "Where the Buffalo Roam" quotes.

In 2001, Trusty DC found himself having dinner with Peter. He was dating somegirlwhodidsomething on "Everyone Loves Raymond," so he went to the Xmas Party and got "assigned" to Peter Boyle's table. Turns out he was a helluva guy.

Made me pissed off we didn't say anything in that hangar.


madame P said...

i know i haven't been around much lately.. but i just wanted to wish you a great holiday.. have a safe yet good times with loved ones...
see you in 2007

Tina said...

In honor of the late great Peter Boyle, let's all tap our canes on the floor 3 times and exclaim: "Puttin on duh Witz!"
I'm sending plenty of holiday hugs and kisses your way, Crackpot! Merry merry!