Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dave Howard: Center of the Universe

Coupla Dead People this week. I feel extremely fortunate that I saw James Brown live. Sure I saw him do two songs at a taping of the Arsenio Hall Show in 1992 with this NBC page I was trying to sleep with.

I thought it an odd choice that he did "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"...


I think my over enthusiastic response to the song selection sunk my chances with sleeping with the NBC page.

Last night. I took my Mom and girlfriend to go see Dreamgirls in Rancho Mirage, California along with every nellie in the Palm Springs area.

It's really great to see a flick when it has a home field advantage.

At the same moment I watched Dreamgirls, just down the street, Gerry Ford was gasping his last gasp.

I also saw Gerry Ford live.

Sure he didn't do the leg splits at the Walnut Creek open air mall that is the last reminder of the small town it used to be. The thing I remember, that even though it was a typical 85 degree California fall, he took off his coat.

"This will really upset the Secret Service" Gerry quipped.

That's the only thing I remember about that day.

I do remember having class election later in the year. Everyone wrote Ford/Dole or Carter/Mondale on a slip of paper in crayon and placed in a red or blue coffee can.

The final tally was 8-1 in favor of Ford/Dole.

I voted for Carter.

What can I say? At 8, I was a fan of peanut butter. All right, HUGE FAN. Still am.

There was little bad you can say about Ford. He got a thrown into a REALLY CRAPPY GIG.
He made the best of it.

James Brown got thrown into a Crappy World.

He made the best of it.

OW! heH! Jump back.... kiss myself.

Living in America.

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