Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wow, this was weird.

So I consider myself a pretty level headed moderate Independent. Sure I lean to the left on Stem Cell Research, Pro-Choice, Civil Rights for Gays, and in general keeping your nose outta my beeswax, but I lean to the right on Taxes, the Death Penalty and even bought the argument for going to war for a while.

So I like to visit both left and right blogs. Man, there are a lot of pissed off people out there. I went to www.blogsforbush.com where there was a thread about John Bolton and my opinion is "There has to be someone in the Republican Party better than this guy Dont Hate him, don't like him, never met him. But if there is this much division, perhaps Larry Flint might be less contreversial (sp?) choice.

However, with all these staged readings that are the Bush Town Hall Meetings (which I am paying for...frankly I would rather have my tax bucks going to something else...like paying soldiers a decent wage, I think my barista makes more) I was shocked to get this response from my very insightful discussion provoking comments.

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That's not a blog. A blog is for insiteful conversation like a town hall meeting.

God I want to understand these people. But they have applied the concept of "with us or against us " to a whole new level.

Perhaps they want to review my office, I do have a bumper sticker up that says "I would fight for Hippie Chicks"

I that so wrong?


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