Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I just braved the 95 Degrees here in Studio City California to go vote. I just realized a friend of mine from high school is running for my congressional district on the Green Party. Odd because we both went to highschool in St. Louis. So if you are the Mighty 28th district, Vote for Byron Delear and send Howard Berman packing. He's one of "them"

Naturally I wanted to see how my pal was doing, so I check the the local Fox11.com website.

First of all they don't list Green Party Candidates. However more shocking is that FOX has already proclaimed Richard Mountjoy (R) defeating DIANE FEINSTEIN???

Click on the picture of California.

Also John Jones (R) has defeated Mike Thompson (D) in District one


Look I think we all know that Fox News has never truly been on the up and up... but this takes the cake... the polls don't even close for 8 and half freaking hours.

I guess FOX news is really done pretending.

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