Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Coincidence? I think not...


I think that mainstream America may be waking up.

First I go over to Media Matters where they have this report . Or if you wanna cheat it's just gauging that since Katie Couric (Delta, Delta, Delta, can I help ya? help ya? help ya?) has taken over at CBS news the right wing guests far out number the left leaning guests.

Then I was checking the Drudge report where they post this little bit on Katie's ratings... going in the toilet.

Coincidence? It looks like CBS is throwing a bone to the right over that whole forged memo thing...

But could it be that the right wing cotton gin is losing some steam?

Are the great undecided.... making a decision to check out the latest syndicated 1/2 hours? A little VOD maybe.. people working later?

Or maybe it's her hair... or maybe people don't yet take cutey Katie seriously

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