Thursday, October 20, 2005

Prayers for Fitzgerald

Several years ago, during Dark Term One, a friend signed me up to receive emails from some kind of religious organization that forced children to pray for our President. I can't remember what its called but I do remember that it entertained the hell out of me. What a bunch of quacks. But I digress.

If our President, who must be doing a lot of praying for himself these days, can have a group of adolescents pray for him, I don't see why full grown adults can't do the same for one Patrick "Bulldog" Fitzgerald. I'll start:

I pray that Patrick Fitzgerald, first and foremost, doesn't meet with some kind of "accident" before he starts indicting the criminals we ELECTED.

I pray that Patrick Fitzgerald does the right thing, and by that I mean bring the American warlords to their knees.

I pray that Patrick Fitzgerald has the strength to see his job through to the end, and the widsom to understand how many people are counting on him to finally expose one of the gravest political crimes in American history (and I'm not talking about Plame!).

I pray that Patrick Fitzgerald is protected from the vicious assault that will be taken up against him once the ugly truth starts to trickle out and an entire ideological base finds itself in a purgatory between delusion and destruction.

I pray that Patrick Fitzgerald realizes he is about to become the central figure in a political play worthy of Shakespeare.

I pray that Patrick Fitzgerald understands that Lucifer, encased in ice in Dante's Ninth Circle, has many empty mouths waiting to be filled with the warm flesh of deposed traitors, and that he will send them there. Names that will ring through eternity with the same stench as Judas, Brutus, Cassius -- Libby, Rove, Leeden, Novak, Miller, Cheney, Bush... to name a few.

I pray that Patrick Fitzgerald unties the knot, and what unravels is so putrid that not even Presidential pardons will work (Iran-Contra anyone?).

And most of all, I pray for this great nation to weather its coming shame, to atone for its sins, and to return, finally, to sanity.

Mr. Fitzgerald, its time for your curtain call. All of history is waiting.

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Tina said...

To quote George Clooney- as he says to Harvey Keitel in Tarantino's From Dusk til Dawn: "What do you want to be: a faithless preacher, or a mean motherfuckin' servant of God?"
I'm holding out the hope that Fitz... and God... will be delivering justice like that.