Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hollywood Filth

Not sure what SEASON PASSES to program into your Tivo? Fear not. The Parents Television Council (a group of parents who want to be parents to EVERYONE whether they like it or not) has done the heavy lifting for us all. Their list of worst "Hollywood filth" is in! And wouldn't you know it -- FOX is the big winner. Here are the top 4:

1. The War at Home (I wonder where the War in Iraq fell?)
3. American Dad (Brilliant!)
4. The O.C. (Well... they may have a point here)

I take offense to the Parents Televison Council (not their list, the Council itself) because if there are two things in this world I like it's a) Hollywood and b) filth. People like L. Brent Bozell need to realize that Hollywood is not set up to entertain his idiot children, or the idiot children of the other Council members. Hollywood is set up to rake in money by the truck load and the last time I checked children don't have any money. Parents have all the money and parents like FILTH! YEAH FOR THE PARENTS!

However, I do find a certain beautiful irony in the fact that FOX is the producer of Bozell's worst nightmares as its people like Bozell who worship FOX News, not realizing, perhaps, that they're all the same company. So while Fox News corrupts our entire democratic process, Fox Entertainment is busy corrupting our youth with all sorts of juicy sex, bad language, and violence.

So let's review: MORONS watch Fox News which rakes in truck loads of advertising dollars. Those advertising dollars are in turn used to produce filth like "Family Guy," which the MORONS then protest presumably not realizing they've paid for it to be produced by hanging on Brit Hume's every lie. "Family Guy" brings in more advertising dollars which are used to buy Rupert Murdoch more television stations on which to broadcast the filth the MORONS protest.

Yes, Virginia, Hollywood IS beautiful! And the Parents Television Council is not.


Tina said...

Dear Parents Television Council,

Oh BLAST you and your estrogenical treachery!! Why don't you burn in hell? Mark my words... Victory is mine!

You will bow to me--

Crackpot Press said...

Ah television,

I curse the day I was ripped from your wretched womb.

You will bow to me-