Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Circle of Life

I was going to post tonight about the Chicago White Sox winning the World Series, and about how the entire city of Houston can kiss my Enron hating ass, and how nauseating it was to hear the Astros manager slam his own players after Game #3 when he is in charge and how that reminds me of the entire Bush Administration, and how all his idiotic decisions during the series was the real reason they got swept in a beautiful and embarrassing fashion, and how I was so happy that the blue state team kicked the ass of the red state team, and how they all deserved it since, I'm guessing, at least 75% of Astro fans voted for their hometown village idiot in 2000/2004, and their pathetic performance was cosmic karma, and how they can all eat smog for all care, and how every single person in the entire Astrodome was fat white men with no hair or ugly women with too much hair, and how Texas should go ahead and secede for the benefit of the REAL states who have to subsidize their miserable failures, and how I was hoping every second that someone would lose their grip on a baseball bat and it would go flying into Barbara Bush's ever present face and smash it into a million pieces for bringing death loving monsters into the world, and how the moron Astros fans will probably blame the fact that they left five hundred men on base on the open dome, and how Texans actually believe that the Bushs are from Texas, and how Ken Lay is still at large, and how I'm still wondering why they have that stupid grass ramp in the outfield, and how it was a complete disgrace that World Series had to besmirch it's entire history by having to play in Texas, and how absolutely pathetic Oswalt really is, and how I want to kill every company that advertised ad nauseaum with the same dumb commercials every single night, and how I hope that a big black hole suddenly appears and sucks the entire lame city of Houston into hell -- but I'm just not that kind of person,

Instead, I want to say this. Every second the clock is ticking, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It's always moving forward. You can either hitch your life to the second hand and see where it takes you, or you can try and turn it back and live your whole life at midnight when it's really 12 noon, and if you do that you may just get stuck in an eighty-eight year old rut, or you can say it just doesn't matter and, just like the Boston Red Sox, forget coventional wisdom and say "this year is our year" and absolutely crush your opponents by going 11-1 in the post season history be damned.

On Fitzmas Eve, we need to adopt the same attitude that swept the White Sox into their ultimate victory -- history be damned. This is OUR year. And our five year rut can be erased by the courage and fortitude of those who have, and are ready, to pursue the truth. America is a great and miraculous gift to those of us who are lucky to be born here. For all of our internal problems, we still live off the fat of the land, the fat of history, the fat of all of human civilization. It's time to share the wealth. It's time to redirect our power for, first, the common good of ALL of our citizens, and all of the world. Does that sound idealistic? I'm too old to be an idealist, but I'm not too old to know what can be achieved. Just like the White Sox. In closing, Carthage must be destroyed.

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Neil Shakespeare said...

Cool post, dude. Very funny. Too bad you're not 'that kind of person'. In general a dreary and otherwise forgettable series. Of course I missed all the good parts flipping channels.